Better Shirts

Better Design


Friends don’t let friends use Comic Sans. Anyone can grab some clip art, punch in a few lines of text, and choose a loud font. But will the result be a shirt that we are happy to wear? Or will it be destined for the ugly t shirt drawer, only to be pulled out when we’re sleeping, or worse, working on the car?

Better design starts with a real, live designer. Our in-house designer has over 10 years of industry experience! But wait, there’s more! She’s also a published children’s book illustrator. So don’t reach for the free clip art, let us take care of the design. You’ll be glad you did!

Safer Inks:


We use Phtalate and PVC free water-based inks that are sustainable, friendly to wearer, printer and planet.

Comfortable Shirts:


You may notice that on some shirts the printed area has a heavy, stiff, plastic feeling. Our water based inks have a softer, lighter feel once printed on the shirt. Goodbye sweaty, stiff shirts! Hello comfort!

Made in America

Made in America – right here in DFW at a family-run, family owned-business. Warm fuzzies, anyone?
If you’re feeling even more patriotic, just ask and we’ll source shirts that are made in the USA too!

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