How it works

  1. QUOTE: Whether you have an idea and need some design help or you have a design and just need a printer, our easy quote form is the place to start. Simply fill it out and we’ll get back to you with prices.
  2. COMMUNICATION: Once you’ve agreed to our quote, we’ll confirm details with you usually via email. All text must be submitted via email in exactly the spelling you want (this is to keep spelling and text issues from eating up your design time).
  3. DESIGN: Printing comes with 15 minutes of free design for the layout of your shirt. This should cover most text designs and simple graphics. (Don’t worry we’ll let you know ahead of time if your project will exceed the 15 minutes.)
  4. SIGN OFF: We’ll email you a link to a webpage where you can view your design. If you like what you see you can reply to the email and give us the go ahead to start printing.
  5. PRINTING: We’ll order your shirts, burn the design onto screen(s), print and cure your shirts. Whew!
  6. DELIVERY: Delivery is free between 10 am and 2 pm on orders over $450 within our free delivery area.


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